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E&P Master Data Management: Why now?
E&P Master Data Management: "Why now?" Webinar

Hands-On Data is the theme for the next series of webinars, each of which will feature our subsurface consultants highlighting a hands-on approach to completing projects and achieving your seismic and well data management objectives.

Our next webinar asks the question: What is master data management (MDM), what is domain MDM (dMDM)?

Managing data has traditionally been done within the walls of oil companies, and typically their best conditioned data is stored within interpretation applications. Finding a way to organize and manage that ‘best’ data has typically been viewed as the scary monster under the bed; a difficult and complicated job that no one wants to deal with. In addition, success has typically been achieved through an army of people, scurrying about to manage the data.

Join us live on Wednesday, March 24th as Sue Carr explores MDM and discusses how to begin creating an operational roadmap, from a domain perspective, and address the following concerns:
-What is MDM, and dMDM? Why now?
-What could MDM be for E&P Companies?
-What are the components that go into MDM?
-What are the risks and rewards of investing in MDM?


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