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Remote Seismic Data Loading: From Archive to Interpretation
Hands-On Data is the theme for the next series of webinars, which will feature one of our subsurface consultants highlighting a hands-on approach to completing projects and achieving your seismic and well data management objectives.

The first session will focus on getting new subsurface data into the hands of geoscientists, which can be challenging in today’s unusual work environment. This webinar will show how you can bypass traditional data loading and transfer processes, and securely load seismic data into your data management and workstation environments without ever actually physically handling the data. It can all be done remotely, from archive to interpretation.

Join us live on Wednesday, June 24th as Patrick Meroney walks you through the workflow of loading project data remotely and ingesting the data into iGlass. We are pleased to have guest speaker Marko Gauk with SeisWare, who will demonstrate receiving workstation ready data to QC and interpret.


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